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E-C-C 124“Strong Lesbians Sexfight”–Part 1

Another forced tribadism contest between Alexxx Wilde and Erotically Mo

See erotically legs in nylons when they start with strong pussy fucking and leg tangling

See erotically legs in nylons when they start with strong pussy bumping and leg tangling

Hard nipples clashed together

Hard nipples clashed together

If you had seen the first confrontation between Alexxx Wilde and Sweet Mo then you can’t wait for watching Part 2 as well. There’s quite something for titfighting and boob bear-hugging lesbianslovers as well as for wild pussy bumping lovers and of course there is quite something for lovers who like to see when two wild teens have trib sex with some exiting orgasms. These two women love it for real to bumping there pussys together and to find out who is the catfight loser today. This is simply perfection and you can easily witness the chemistry of both dominant faces and reactions. Watch and enjoy one of the most exiting sexual experience of this two catfight women that they probably won’t forget ever.
Part one includes tongue kissing, leg tangling in nylons and high heels, titfighting and tit to tit pushing, tribe in panties, vagina fucking and wedgies.

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