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E-C-C 134“Sexfight Tournament”Fight 43–Round 1 + 2

Nikki Rider and Yvette Costeau in an erotic submission catfight

A powerful legged straddling contest

A powerful legged straddling fight

This two women bumping their butts hard and intensive together

This two sluts bumping their butts hard and intensive together

A female women women wrestling and sexbattle between Nikki Rider and Yvette Costeau. Who’s the stronger bitches?? Soon both women are nude with their powerful bodies and they know that only one can win this hardbody female sexfighting fight. The best way would be to dominate the opponent as often as possible, or to having her helpless under control. Both sluts are adult sex experts and they definitaly know what the other woman wants and what she need. This is an awesome wet catfight, catfight and trib contest with lot of wet orgasms. Enjoy this cunt contest competition and view who will be the winner at the very end.

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