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Summer Vengeance of the Asian Persuasion Mia Li takes on Milcah Halili

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Mia Li has shown some great improvement this season. She did extremely well in our new kid on the block cup tournament, making it to the finals. Milcah Halili started the season off in a great way and she’s been going strong ever since. Mia has a few pounds on Milcah and ALL of that is pure muscle. Can Milcah use her speed to get around Mia? or will Mia just use her muscles to bulldoze lil Milcah. One this is for sure. This contest is destined to go down in Summer Vengeance history. These babes give it their all. Round 4 is a brutal demonstration of verbal and sexual domination. Squirting climax and the Winner degrades the Loser in her native tongue.

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