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E-C-C 122“Roughhouse Catfight”–Part 1

See a rough and raw forced tribadism fight between two different aged fetish women with much of powerful titfight action

This sexfight begins with heated leg tangling in high heels and nylons

This catfight starts with hot leg tangling in high heels and nylons

And this breast queezing struggle turns to a rough girl v girl sexfight

And this breast queezing fight turns to a rough teen v whore catfight

Before some weeks ago Alex Wilde (42y.) has ask us for a rough and raw erotic women wrestling versuvone of our younger women to grapple it out. The experience mature sexfighter with a touch of fetish needs a strong an sultry challenger and so we let her competition with the natural wildcat Sexy Mo (28y.) who accept the challenge gladly to show Alex, that she can handle her harder like she need. Both combatants pull hair furiously, stamp there bodies and breasts hard together, show trib action and cunt bumping in panties, kissing each other mighty, finger and lick there wet pussys mutual, till there bodies work up sweat in a dripping fetish fight. So today you can see one of the hottest and steaming female cat- and sexfight in a wild roughhouse style on this website.

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E-C-C 111 “Sexfight Tournament” Fight 35 – Round 1 + 2

Two sexy long leged fitness babes contest it out hard to the finish

Squeezing bearhugs and eye catching rivals

Squeezing bearhugs and eye catching opponents

Hot asses and hard vagina bumping

Heated asses and hard vagina fucking

Suzi-Anne vs Melina. A must have for all lovers of sexy long leged and realy strong and huge fitness whores!!! The two 180cm (5,9 ft) tall combatants go at it hard in this wrestling/sexfight grudge contest with nipple dueling, blowjob, sixty-nine and tribe. They suck, they lick and touch there pussys with strong fingers and there different and contrast nature make their passions to an explosive orgasm that will rock them hard to the finish.

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E-C-C 112 “Boiling Point” – Part 1 (23 min.)

A rematch between Suzi-Anne and Melina

Sexy long legs clash together

Erotically long legs clash together

Melina rubbing Suzi-Anne's pussy hard this time

Melina rubbing Suzi-Anne’s cunt hard this time

Today we have realized the second wrestling of Suzi-Anne’s comback struggles versus Melina. Melina was not happy with the result of their first tribadism contest and after Suzi-Anne have let her wait longer as the agreed time, her boiling point was reached fast. Soon they stand face to face and the action starts with powerful and strong leg tangling to test there power now and here in this rematch. After this they use all options of a nasty catfight to bring oneself into the advantageously position. And for the ultimate victory they don’t be uninhibited to wrestle in the 69 position to drive her oponent crazy. This is for fans of adorable long leged women and there is no better choice here at time.

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E-C-C 109 “Sensual Power” – Part 1

A “Who can take more” contest with Cherie Noir and Bianca Germany

Hot legs and randy butts

Hot legs and randy butts

Mutual fingering and sensual kissing

Mutual fingering and sensual kissing

This is the second privat match of Cherie Noir, in her erotic women wrestling debut vs Bianca Germany here at Catfight-Corner. They starts in hi heels and mini dresses to entangle legs, pushing breasts together and roll crotch to crotch for your pleasure. It’s a great classic erotic battle between two sexy women with amazing bodies. Not “who comes first” is the rule, but “who can take more” !!! See hot tribe, sensual kissing, deep fingering, oral sex and a double dildo inside this two sexfight lovers.

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