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Bonus Update–E-C-C 027“Sexfight Warriors”

This is an extreme hot catfight/sexfight between to newbies

It starts as a fitness sexfight…

And then both girls fight with powerful and intensive cunt bumping to the finish

See two great novitiate when they press their bodies together in anger. The new Stars are blackhaired Jill Diamond and blonde Yvonne. They tangled leg to leg with crushing bearhugs, and the action erupts into an erotic sexfight.

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E-C-C 118“Sexual Knockout”–Part 1

Evey Kristal and Jill Diamond in powerful lesbian catfight action

Hot legs in nylons and mutual pussy bumping

Powerful legs in nylons and mutual vagina bumping

They finger their pussys hot and wet and rubbing their powerful asses against each otherThey finger their pussys powerful and wet and rubbing their hot butts against each other

This is the second fight of two equal and sexy sexfighters. Evey Kristal and Jill Diamond are both lustful and aggressive, and they want this revenge contest soon. The powerful erotic catfight starts with many standing leg tangling and aggressive trib positions, passionate kisses and some wrestling on the bed. You may love it if you like to watch two women to contest while they fuck each other and to fornicate while they contest to the ultimate sexual knockout.

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E-C-C 117“Greedy Girls”–Part 1

This is a competition for lovers who like to see greedy bitches in deep tribe action

The provocation begins between this two catfighting girl in nylons

The provocation begins between this two catfighting babe in nylons

Breast fighting with nipple torment

Breast fighting with nipple torment

German fiercefighter Jill Diamond and English sexy fitness whore Evey Kristal are natural opponents since their first erotic sexfight and they decide a rematch to test the chemistry of there strong and good shape bodies. Both women are falling over each other love two wildcats and ripping their pantyhoses down to start an excellent trib fight. It is a real surprise to see them contest wild and full of spirits and both are greedy for more and more catfight action!!!

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E-C-C 116 “Sexfight Tournament” Match 37 – Round 1 + 2

In this fight Jill Diamond and Evey Kristal realized some fantasies of our members

Hot wedgies in a sumo contest

Powerful wedgies in a sumo match

Hard cunt bumping and titfight

Hard pussy bumping and titfight

Today we present a personal sponsoring competition between Jill Diamond and Evey Kristal. We have also realized some fantasies of our members who are send us there suggestions for what they want to see. We told this to our both Sexfight Amazons and the instructions makes them extremely powerful. In the first half of round 1 they are struggle in an erotic sumo catfight battle with powerful wedgies and full body contact. Also they attack each other with mighty kisses to get the upper hand. And we can promise you that it makes them really powerful. In the second half of round 1 they get the instructions for a titfight contest and they press their breasts together love two wild and heated lovers. They’re still powerful for each other and both sluts wanted to show the sponsor “who is the better one”. Round 2 starts with 5min. of vagina bumping, not tender and soft but rather hard and wild. Both sexual athletes get more and more agressive to wrestle it out for a real winner. Then it continued in a lustful tribe catfight between this two very powerful sluts, without any reservation, mercy or regardless.

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E-C-C 097 “A Special Rivalry”

Posted in fisting, sexfight  by womenwrestling

Part 2 (12 min. + 32min. Bonus)

Yvette Costeau and Jill Diamond

Jill is angered that Yvette has been making out with her woman and so she challenge her for the women they both want. The two experience wrestlers are proud and sure of themselves and they approached this catfight strip-off with a special strategy: To fisting and fuck the loser with a strap-on!!! Their strong bodies stick together, breast pressed nipple to nipple and legs locked around in a combative catfight. They pins each other crotch to crotch and only capitulation by orgasmus is the objekt that they want. It don’t come fast and easy but it is the wrestling style that turns them on.

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